I Almeria Vegan Short Film Fest

Organized by Vegetarian Association of Almeria

The Almeria Amateur Short Film Festival is one of the few events specialized in Vegan Films worldwide. It is a special event because of its uniqueness in our autonomous community and nationwide. For that reason we believe in the importance of carrying out this project in a city like Almeria, which is traditionally known as “Land of Cinema” and one of the largest producers and exporters of fruits and vegetables internationally.
Therefore, we believe that it is important to address current issues in our society such as the excessive consumption of animal products and analyze the consequences that this entails for the environment and for people´s health. The purpose of this Vegan Short Film Fest is to promote the protection of animal rights in all habitats.

Description of the event
The Almeria Vegan Short Film Fest is a pioneer event in Spain and Europe in terms of vegan-themed films. The purpose of this Vegan Film Fest is to make the public aware of a different perspective on the true respect for animals, the environment and health and raise awareness in society about the need to protect the planet and natural resources, defend the rights of animals and promote a 100% plant-based food as a conscious alternative for the environment.

The aim of the First Almería Amateur Vegan Short Film Fest is to promote and reward the audiovisual initiatives of young promises and professionals in the audiovisual field by publicizing their creative and original vegan films in the city of Almeria.

This event is organized by the Vegetarian Association in Almeria (all vegans) and sponsored by the Spanish Vegetarian Association (UVE).

On the one hand, it is a Short Film Contest for every person who would like to participate in the making of a short film, directed for both beginners and professionals, around these three themes:
-Defense of animal rights
-Health related to plant-based diet

For more information about the Contest you can send your questions to the email vegetarianosdealmeria@gmail.com

On the other hand, it is also a Vegfest with a wide range of activities, such as short and long films, vegan cooking workshops, photography and video workshops, acting workshops, set design and creativity workshops, along with performances and activities for children, with nationally well-known participants.
The award-winning short films will be announced at the Awards ceremony on October 26 at 8.00 p.m. at the Almería Municipal School of Music and Arts.

At the Awards ceremony there will be music, dance and magic performances, along with the recognition that will be given to some organizations and projects that have contributed to improve animal rights and arise awareness about veganism.

Admission to all the activities of the Almería Vegan Short Fest will be free. The event will take place at the Almería Municipal School of Music and Arts on October 26, 2019.

Parallel activities will also take place during that week at the Town Hall Headquarters- Gastronomic Capital Almería 2019.

We invite you all to learn more about these issues, increasingly present in our society, through the seventh art and other artistic representations such as music, art and theater.